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VDC Interior Design | Our Process

Our teams manage projects from the initial site survey to the final installation, maintaining careful control of both design integrity and the allocated project funds.

The design process begins with a site visit to the property to perform due diligence and gather precise information. Areas of scope are confirmed, and project parameters and limitations are set, from both a technical as well as aesthetic perspective.

To support the design approach, we develop a project specific design narrative-story, reflecting local flavor and enriching the experience with local artist’s work.  A sense of place and opportunity is the underpinning of each design schematic.

With careful cost analysis, a process aimed at evaluating and appropriately allocating the project’s available FF&E and construction dollars, we develop our design based on client approvals and expectations.  Our documentation is thorough and comprehensive, proactively limiting RFIs during construction. We work closely with our client’s consultants to ensure our design intent is properly implemented and the project is delivered exceeding expectations.  


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